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As a data-driven organization, we employ technology and data visualization tools to make the mass of information in Akwa Ibom state budget accessible to everyday citizens.

Tijah Bolton-Akpan

About us

The Background Story

Policy Alert: The Grassroots People Empowerment Foundation was founded by three friends, Christy Edward Akpan, Tijah Bolton Akpan, and Vincent Iwunze.

The idea for Policy Alert came in response to a need for a platform that could translate the passions of its founders into policy influence thereby yielding concrete development outcomes for citizens, especially women and young people in the Niger Delta and beyond.

The organization was registered in 2011 as the Grassroots People Empowerment Foundation but has continued to use the alias Policy Alert. It began formal operations in 2014.

Our team

Tijah Bolton Akpan

Executive Director

Imaobong Dick


Ebong Ekanem


Faith paulinus

program officer

DInah David

Admin & Logistics Officer

Nneka Luke-Ikenna

Lead, communications

Edidiong Dickson

Programme officer

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Over the years, Policy Alert has worked on improving openness in the oil, gas and mining sectors and we have seen real evidence of how corruption in the sector worsens development outcomes, especially for resource-rich communities.