Unveiling the Niger Delta Open Government Portal: Bridging the Gap for Transparent Governance


We’re excited to extend a warm invitation to you for a groundbreaking virtual event that’s set to revolutionize governance in the Niger Delta region. Policy Alert/NOGO Cluster proudly presents the launch of the Niger Delta Open Government (NOGO) Portal, a monumental step towards fostering transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement.

Event Details:

Date: September 1, 2023

Time: 2:30 PM (W.A.T)

Event Link: https://meet.google.com/jhq-zsyv-qhc

Event Description:

In the dynamic landscape of governance, the Niger Delta region is taking a remarkable step towards enhancing transparency and collaboration. Six out of the nine states have embraced the Open Government Partnership (OGP), and merely three states have approved State Action Plans (SAP). Surprisingly, none of the states have yet established an OGP portal, a crucial tool for gauging, tracking, and disseminating information about OGP reforms.

The NOGO Portal emerges as the answer to this critical gap, serving as a robust repository for all open government data. Developed as an open-source platform, this portal will house an array of documents and datasets that hold the potential to elevate citizens’ access to and involvement in the governance process. By creating a seamless bridge between the government and its people, the NOGO Portal aims to revolutionize the way reforms are perceived, tracked, and experienced.

Why is the NOGO Portal a Game-Changer?

1. Transparency at its Core: The NOGO portal isn’t just another platform; it’s a beacon of transparency. By making a wealth of information available to the public, it enables citizens to gain insights into the inner workings of their government.

2. Empowering Citizens: With the NOGO portal, citizens will no longer be passive observers. They can actively participate in the governance process, voice their concerns, and contribute to policy discussions.

3. Efficient Monitoring: The portal serves as a reliable mechanism for monitoring the progress of OGP initiatives. Government accountability is taken to new heights as citizens and stakeholders can track the implementation of State Action Plans.

4. Knowledge Repository: Researchers, activists, and policymakers can benefit from the NOGO portal’s repository of documents and datasets, fostering informed decision-making.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

We invite you to be a part of this transformative event. Mark your calendars for September 1, 2023, at 2:30 PM and join us at the event using the link below: https://meet.google.com/jhq-zsyv-qhc.

Your presence is not just a witness to history; it’s a contribution to a more open and accountable governance model in the Niger Delta region.

See you at the NOGO Portal launch!

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